What is GO? It is what unites us – supporting a strong economy, fiscal accountability, competitive tax rates, great schools, a domestic energy plan, and a government that gets out of the way of the private sector, fostering job creation and economic prosperity for all Pennsylvania families. It is what all Americans not only expect and depend on, but also what they deserve. It is about GOing forward!

Yet many elected officials do not share these same goals and values. In fact, they have forgotten the very people that elected them. Rather than serving as good fiscal stewards of taxpayer dollars, many are now serving at the pleasure of special interest groups and political agendas. Instead investing in the future of our families, they are spending on wasteful programs. Instead of GOing forward … they are spiraling our economy downward.

It is time for government to work for the people; not against them.

  • Instead of standing in the way of job creation and small business, we need to GO forward and focus on economic growth and opportunity for all.
  • Instead of burdensome regulations on domestic energy sources, we need to GO forward and protect the environment, allowing the United States to be energy independent – reducing energy costs and our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Instead of allowing failing schools to continue to fail, we need to GO forward and give every child access to a quality education by investing in good teachers in the classroom and an accountability system that ensures student achievement and academic excellence.
  • Instead of wanting to tax hard-working families more, we need to GO forward and hold the line on taxes and let people keep their own money.

That’s what the Growth and Opportunity Fund is all about – GOing forward! GO will work to educate and engage citizens to have a stronger voice in their government and in their own futures. From homeowners to small business to students to senior citizens, GO will take the conversation out of the State Capitol and bring it to the people, empowering them to take action on issues important to their everyday lives.

Please join GO as we work to bring common sense back to governing for the people!


The Growth and Opportunity Fund (GO) is a 501c4 organization dedicated to advocating and promoting policies that lead to economic growth and opportunity. Fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, investing in our children’s education and promoting private job creation are just a few of the policies that need the attention of our lawmakers. GO is working to ensure that elected officials are accountable to taxpayers – not special interest groups – in how they spend tax dollars. It is time for government and many lawmakers to remember it is about investing in the future of our families … not spending on wasteful programs and political agendas.

GO will educate and engage citizens to have their voices heard in the debate on proven, pro-growth, pro-opportunity ideas. Through GO, all individuals, homeowners, small and large employers, students, senior citizens, unemployed workers, and disabled and needy citizens will be able to share their own stories with government leaders and have a say in what is decided in the State Capitol. It will be an honest and factual conversation on common sense policies that help hard working families. It is time for a new blue print in government that includes “common sense “ for the many – not “lots of cents” for the few.

It is time to GO forward!








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